Re, David Elliott :- Attested Houghton-Le-Spring 28/11/1914
Entered 19/12/1914-(into the 11th Yorkshire Regiment) transferred to the 6th Battalion

Insignia the Ankh, symbol of life.

Some of the other Lads that signed up on 28/11/1914 along with David Elliott at Houghton-Le-Spring

17251. Maughan Joseph William.Pte. Born Easington Lane 1887. Son of Robert & Christina Maughan.
(Transferred to Labour corps, From the 11th Yorkshire Reg New number 583368).
Reserved Class Z - 4 Mar 1919.

17252. Maughan John. Pte. Born Easington Lane 1898. Son of Robert & Christina Maughan.
(Transferred to 9th Yorkshire Reg, From the 11th Yorkshire Reg Transferred to 3rd battn,
after been seriously wounded, Discharged from the colours 30 Jan, 1919 earned Military Medal).
Reserved Class Z - 30 Jan 1919.

17253. Slack Benjamin. Pte. (Transferred to M.G.C. New number 71728, From the 11th Yorkshire Reg,).
Reserved Class Z - 3 Feb 1919.

17254. Richards Joseph. Pte. Born Easington Lane 1898. Son of Charles & Jane Richards.
(11th Yorkshire Reg, discharged 18 Jan 1915 for misstatement as to age, (only 16))

17255. Elliott David. Pte. Born 1897, Charlaw, Sacriston, Son of Mary Jane Elliott,
of 1, High Pottery Yard, Newbottle, & the late Robert Elliott.
(Transferred to 6th Yorkshire Reg, From the 11th Yorkshire Reg,
Killed in action Authuille France 15 Sep, 1916) - Headstone in Memorials.

17256. Parkin William. Pte. Born c1895 Fencehouses, Son of John L & Elizabeth S Parkin.
(Transferred to 7th Yorkshire Reg, From the 11th Yorkshire Reg,
Killed in action Fricourt France 01 Jul, 1916) - Headstone in Memorials.

17257. Grieves George. Pte. Born 1894 Dubmire, residence 22 George Street Bankhead,
Fencehouses, Son of Robert A & Hannah E Grieves.
(Transferred to 6th Yorkshire Reg, From the 11th Yorkshire Reg, Invalided out of Army 26 Apr, 1917)

17258. Storey John. Pte. Born 1894 Hetton Downs, Next of kin Mary Embleton (Mother)
of 17 Lyons Lane, Easington Lane.
(Transferred to 15th D.L.I., From the 11th Yorkshire Reg, new number 13584 killed in action. Loos area, France,
25 Sep,1915.) Born in Hetton-le-Hole. Commemorated Loos Memorial, Panel 106 and 107.

17259. Adey George. Pte. Born 1895 Easington Lane, Son of William Adey.
residence 5 Hornsey Terrace Easington Lane.
(Transferred to 1st btn, West Yorkshires Reg, From the 11th Yorkshire Reg, new number 23089
Discharged from the colours 23 Sep, 1919) Reserved Class Z - 23 Jul 1919.

17260. Rushworth Edward. Pte (Transferred from the 11th Yorkshire Reg to 6th, 2nd & 6th Yorkshire Regiment
then to the 2nd West Yorkshires Reg, new number 63277). Reserved Class Z - 18 Jan 1919.

17261. Lawson Mark Simm. Corporal. Born 1883 Belford, Husband of Dorothy Barkess of 6 Bowlby Street, Houghton-Le-Spring, (Transferred from the 11th Yorkshire Reg to 7th, 6th & 12th Yorkshire Regiment then to the
2/4 York & Lancs Reg, new number 58426 Discharged from the colours 6 Sep,1919 earned D.C.M)
Reserved Class Z - 6 Feb 1919.
Notes: Mark S Lawson was the brother in-law of Thomas, Ralph & Robert Barkess, all three died in France, WW1
Thomas, 13714 and Ralph, 12696 died on the 5th & 7th July 1916 respectively,
Serving with the 9th Btn Yorkshire Regiment.
Robert, 14623, died of wounds 21/3/1918 serving with 6th Btn East Yorkshire Regiment.
Thomas, Ralph & Robert are all commemorated on the Cenotaph Houghton-Le-Spring.

17262. Wilkinson John Robert. Pte. (Transferred to 6th Yorkshire Reg, From the 11th Yorkshire Reg,
Discharged - sub list 0/1854/1) Silver War badge

17263. Brumell Thomas. Pte. Born c1893 Blyth, Northumberland, residence Hetton Le Hole.
(Transferred to 7th Yorkshire Reg, From the 11th Yorkshire Reg,
Killed in action Fricourt France 01 Jul, 1916) - Headstone in Memorials.

If you have any extra information on the above soldiers, I would be glad to add it to their Names.


6th (Service) Battalion of Alexandra Princess of Wales own Yorkshire Hussars formed at Richmond attached to 32nd brigade known as The 11th (Northern) Division


6th Yorkshire Regiment, Gallipoli 1915



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Translation of Turkish
terms used in the Diaries.
Dere----Valley with Stream


The 32nd and 33rd Brigades of the 11th Division began to come ashore at “5 Beach south of Nibrunesi Point shortly before 10 pm. In the first action fought by a New Army unit, two companies from the 6th Battalion, The Yorkshire Regiment drove the Turkish defenders off the small hillock of Lala Baba which overlooked the beach. It was an inauspicious start; all but two of the Yorkshires’ officers became casualties as did one third of the men.

A letter written by Major W B Shannon for August 1915



AUG, to DEC, 1915

Place: Imbros.
Friday 6 August 1915.
08.00hrs, Orders received Battalion would embark that afternoon.
19.00hrs, Embarked on two lighters 25 officers and 750 other ranks.
23.00hrs, Disembarked S.E. of Nibrunesi Point on B beach.
23.00 to 00.00hrs, made an attack on Lala Baba and drove enemy N.E. to hill 10, Causalities 16 officers
and about 250 other ranks. (Officers casualty list attached).

Saturday 7 Aug 1915.
12.00hrs, Took up outpost position on hill 10.

Sunday 8 Aug 1915.
10.00hrs, moved forward to position running between hill 53 and Sulajik.

Monday 9 Aug 1915.
04.00hrs, Battalion moved back to hill 10 to reorganize.
12.00hrs, Orders received to go forward to Sulajik. Battalion came under heavy rifle fire Capt’ Chapman wounded
and 10 other causalities. We went up into firing trench.

Tuesday 10 Aug 1915.
Occupied trenches all day, 2nd Lieut’ S Purvis killed, 5 other causalities.

Wednesday 11 Aug 1915.
Occupied trenches until 17.00hrs, when orders were received to reorganize on Lala Baba, under heavy fire returning.

Thursday 12 Aug 1915.
Reorganized, 19.30hrs, advanced to fire trenches on hill 10.

13th to 17th Aug 1915, nothing to report.

Tuesday 18 Aug 1915.
Moved back into reserve on Suvla beach,
arriving 3a.m. 19 Aug 1915.

Thursday 20 Aug 1915.
20.30hrs, moved into fire trenches south of hill 50.

Friday 21 Aug 1915.
15.00hrs, attacked enemy’s trenches, Killed; Capt’ Currey, 2nd Lieut, Rutherford, 2nd Lieut, Appleyard, Wounded; Major Wood, Capt’ White, Capt’ Hall, 2nd Lieut’s, Eadon, Whitworth, Gifford-Wood.

Saturday 22 Aug 1915.  (note. not in the diary: Michael Mordue killed in action)
22.00hrs, moved back to beach in reserve 285 strong.

Sunday 23 Aug 1915.
Amalgamated with West Riding regiment under Captain Fletcher.

Wednesday 26 Aug 1915.
19.30 hrs, moved to trenches on extreme left our line extending to sea.
27th to 31st, nothing to report.


Place: Kiretch Tepe

Wednesday 1 September 1915.
Occupying trenches on West slope of hill down to the beach Kiretch Tepe.

1st – 4th Sep 1915. Nothing to report.

Saturday 4 Sep 1915.
23.30 hrs, relieved by Manchester Rgt, and moved into reserve dug outs

Sunday 5 Sep 1915.
Nothing to report.

Monday 6 Sep 1915.
10.00 hrs, shelled in reserve dug outs for one hour no casualties.

Tuesday 7 Sep 1915.
06.00 hrs, moved down onto beach facing west.
20.00 hrs, moved back to dug outs for the night.

Wednesday 8 Sep 1915.
Capt’ Tyrrell, & 2nd Lieut’ Shipley, Bowman, Law, Martin, Huggins &  Lieut’ Hutchence
and 491 other ranks joined from 3rd & 11th: Battn’s. Lieut’ G D Carr R.A.M.C. attached.
Lieut’ E. R. Mason transferred to 8th West Riding.

9th - 11th: Sep 1915.
Nothing to report. 2nd Lieut’ Bond & Holdstock Joined.

Sunday 12 Sep 1915.
21.30 hrs, moved from beach to take over reserve dug outs from South Stafford’s South West summit of Karakol Dagh.

13th - 15th: Sep 1915.
Nothing to report,

16th - 17th: Sep 1915.
Nothing to report

Saturday 18 Sep 1915.
One man killed & 3 wounded at Jephsons post. 20.00 hrs, Moved up to firing line 500 yards from Turkish lines to relieve 8th West Riding Regt’

Sunday 19 Sep 1915.
14.00 hrs, one man wounded in support dug out.

Monday 20 Sep 1915.
two men wounded in trenches.

Tuesday 21 Sep 1915.
one man wounded in trenches.

Wednesday 22 Sep 1915.

Thursday 23 Sep 1915.
16.30 hrs: heavy bombardment from enemy’s trench mortars – no casualties.

Friday 24 Sep 1915.
nothing to report, 20.00 hrs heavy artillery fire from the right, stood to for an hour.

Saturday 25 Sep 1915.
nothing to report.

Sunday 26 Sep 1915.
06.00 hrs trenches shelled, one man killed two wounded.

Monday 27 Sep 1915.
Enemy snipers lively, one man killed near footpath (Oxford St,) to fire trench.

Tuesday 28 Sep 1915.
Nothing to report – one man wounded in trenches.

Wednesday 29 Sep 1915.
Reinforcements from: 3rd & 11th Battn’s. 2nd lieut’ Boot & 2nd Lieut’ Jennings & 297 other ranks arrived.
(Amongst the 11th battn, was David Elliott)
21.00 hrs, moved out of fire trenches into reserve on beach, relieved by Dorset Regt’.

Thursday 30 Sep 1915.
nothing to report, one man wounded by sniper.

Friday 1st October 1915
Battalion in reserve on beach, N.E. of Karakol Dagh. One man wounded in dug out by spent bullet.

Saturday 2 Oct 1915.
Battalion moved little further South on beach.

Sunday 3 Oct 1915.nothing to report.

Monday 4 Oct 1915.
Lt J.A. Groves & 2nd Lt O.S. Melhado joined from 11th Battn’ Lt F.P. Croshaw admitted Hospital

5th - 7th Oct 1915.
Nothing to report.

Friday 8 Oct 1915.
Nothing to report during the Day: Violent hurricane 8 – 10pm.

Saturday 9 Oct 1915.
Battn, Headquarters moved to Nullah formerly occupied by Brigade headquarters.

Sunday 10 Oct 1915.
Three men wounded by shell whilst working with party in second line defence.
Lt H.S. Oppe, Lt J.W. Walker, 2nd Lt J.W. Kirkwood joined from 11th Yorks Regt,
2nd Lt E.A. Martin from the 11th K.O.Y.L.I.

11th - 12th Oct 1915.
Nothing to report.

Wednesday 13 Oct 1915.
21.00 hrs, One Sgt, wounded while lying in his dug out (stray bullet).

14th- 15th - 16th Oct 1915.
Nothing to report

Sunday 17 Oct 1915.
10.00 to 11.00 hrs, Turkish fire display

18 Oct 1915.
Nothing to report

Tuesday 19 Oct 1915.
18.00, moved into reserve dug outs near Karakol gap (Oxford Circus).

Wednesday 20 Oct 1915.
Supplied working parties on support & communication trenches. One man killed by sniper: Machine gun section moved into fire trench near Jephsons post.

21st Oct 1915.
Nothing unusual to report, one man wounded by stray bullet.

22nd 24th Oct 1915.
Nothing to report.

Monday 25 Oct 1915.
09.30 hrs: fire display by Turks along whole of the front, 8 men wounded by – shrapnel.

Tuesday 26 Oct 1915.
One of machine gun section killed by sniper.

Wednesday 27 Oct 1915.
“A” Company moved up into trenches, one platoon in Jephsons post remainder in support.

Thursday 28 Oct 1915.
Nothing unusual happened, Lt Howard admitted Hospital.

Friday 29 Oct 1915.
Lt F.E. Briscoe joined.

30th 31st Oct 1915.
Nothing to report
(Notes: Supplied working parties daily in support & Communication trenches)

Monday 1st November 1915.
Occupying reserve dug outs near Karakol Gap. Supplied night working parties on communication trenches,
2nd Lt Walters admitted Hospital.

Tuesday 2 Nov 1915.
Nothing to report.

Wednesday 3 Nov 1915.
18.00 hrs, moved into fire trenches R. sub section L. flank, including “Green Lane” & supplied garrison
at “Green Knoll”, three men killed & one wounded by snipers.

Thursday 4 Nov 1915.
Nothing unusual during the day. Furnished working parties extending Green Lane.

Friday Nov 1915.
Lt Oppe killed and 2nd Lt Jennings wounded by snipers in early morning,
other ranks 2 killed 3 wounded at Green Lane extension.

Saturday 6 Nov 1915.
Nothing to report, parties worked on Green Lane extension during night.

Sunday 7 Nov 1915.
2nd Lt Jennings died of wounds.

Monday 8 Nov 1915.
2 men killed & 3 wounded at Green Lane extension in early morning by snipers.
15.30 hrs: Bombardment of Bench Mark by torpedo Destroyer.

Tuesday 9 Nov 1915.
Nothing to report during the day, parties worked on Green Lane extension during night,
Captain W.R. Peel Joined, 22.30 hrs our trenches bombarded by trench mortars, no casualties.

Wednesday 10 Nov 1915.
Nothing to report during the day, 4 men wounded by snipers (in Green Lane).

Thursday 11 Nov 1915.
Lt J.L. James, 2nd Lt T.R. Brown & 2nd Lt B. Stott joins from 11th Yorkshire Regt,
10.00 – 10.30 hrs Jephsons Post shelled, Armoury damaged, 2nd Lt Kirkwood & 1 man Killed.
2 men killed & 3 wounded by snipers – Green Lane.

Friday 12 Nov 1915.
Nothing to report, 2 men wounded by snipers.

Saturday 13 Nov 1915.
Nothing to report.

Sunday 14 Nov 1915.
15.00 hrs, Bench Mark & Pimple shelled by Destroyer, enemy replies by shelling Jephsons Post.
1 man killed & two wounded by snipers, two men discharged time expired.

Monday 15 Nov 1915.
16.00 hrs, Jephsons Post shelled, four men wounded, working parties on Green Lane extension.

Tuesday 16 Nov 1915.
Nothing to report during the day, quiet day, working parties on Green Lane extension.

Wednesday 17 Nov 1915.
Two men wounded by snipers during the afternoon in Green Lane, working parties on Green Lane extension.

Thursday 18 Nov 1915.
19.20 – 24.00 hrs, Bombardment of enemy’s position in front of our left flank by Howitzers & Mountain Battery,
heavy rifle fire & bomb throwing in area left of our lines (York - Lanes),
Lt Melhado wounded and 1 man killed & 4 wounded whilst on working party in Green Lane extension.

Friday 19 Nov 1915.
Nothing to report during the day, heavy sniping Green Lane at night, causalities, 2 killed 3 wounded,
2nd Lt H.C. Hurst joined – commissioned from RAD cycle C.

Saturday 20 Nov 1915.
Reinforcements from details at Mudros. 2nd Lt C.L. Bayliss, C.E. Hurst, J.F. Faithfull,
I.C. Macfarlane & 50 other ranks.

Sunday 21 Nov 1915.
Nothing to report during the day, working parties on Green Lane sniped at, one man slightly wounded.

Monday 22 Nov 1915.
Very quiet day, no shelling below Preston Ridges. Heavy rifle fire about 21.30 hrs, near Green Knoll.

Tuesday 23 Nov 1915.
All quiet during the day, heavy firing towards Green Knoll after dark, Causalities 1 man killed 2 wounded.
Weather temperature much lower, cold N wind blowing all the day.

Wednesday 24 Nov 1915.
Jephsons Post shelled in the morning, Causalities 2 killed one wounded.

Thursday 25 Nov 1915.
Nothing to report, three Causalities by snipers on Green Lane, M.O. Captain Smyth admitted Hospital.

Friday 26 Nov 1915.
Nothing unusual during the day. Storm came on about 18.00 hrs, heavy rain for 2-3 hrs.

Saturday 27 Nov 1915.
10.00 hrs, heavy artillery duels, otherwise nothing to report, Lt M.O. Aherne (R.A.M.C) attached.

Sunday 28 Nov 1915.
Snow fell during early morning, ground frozen hard, 22 N.C.O’s & men admitted Hospital for frost bite.

Monday 29 Nov 1915.
Nothing to report.

Tuesday 30 Nov 1915.
Very quiet day.
Batts’ receive congratulatory message from Corp’s Commander on work & determination of men in the trenches
during the trying weather conditions.

Wednesday 1st December 1915.
Holding five trenches on left flank. “Green Lane” “Jephsons Post” & trench connecting L.R.P.
Artillery duels between land batteries during the morning, Causalities from the snipers during day & evening,
other ranks 3 killed & 1 wounded, cable received from Queen Alexandria acknowledging birthday congratulations.

Thursday 2 Dec 1915.
Little artillery fire, Turkish machine gun played on communication trench near Battn’ Hdqtrs,
(Apparently in position near Turkish Bench Mark – 600 to 700 yds range).

Friday 3 Dec 1915.
Dark misty day Turkish machine gun again active, no Causalities.

Saturday 4 Dec 1915.
Heavy bombardment on the night from naval guns, Causalities from snipers one man killed.

Sunday 5 Dec 1915.
11.00 to 13.00 hrs, bombardment from Turkish artillery of Jephsons Post, Causalities 3 men wounded.
Reinforcements from 6th Battn, details: 2nd Lt R.B. Bingham & 240 other ranks, 2 men wounded by snipers.

Monday 6 Dec 1915.
Artillery duels during the day, Jephsons Post bombarded. Turks appeared to have got a new gun into action
due E, from Jephsons Post: Causalities 1 man killed 2 wounded.

Tuesday 7 Dec 1915.
Quiet during the morning, 16.00 hrs bombardment of Turkish Bench Mark and Pimple by two Destroyers and monitor assisted by land batteries, parapets of Turkish trenches destroyed; & considerable damage reported by observation Officer, & destruction of Turkish ammunition store reported probable. One man killed, two men wounded by snipers;
one killed and one wounded by shrapnel near Jephsons Post.

Wednesday 8 Dec 1915.
Quiet day nothing to report.

Thursday 9 Dec 1915.
Nothing to report: Sgt, Hamilton (Sniper) wounded found in Green Lane (18.30) – gunshot wound.

Friday 10 Dec 1915.
Nothing to report: 2nd Lt J.F. Faithfull admitted Hospital.

Saturday 11 Dec 1915.
Nothing to report: 2nd Lt C.E. Hurst admitted Hospital, 13 men proceeded from the Peninsular for rest.

Sunday 12 Dec 1915.
Heavy artillery duels during the day, Battalion trenches shelled; enemy fired H.E. Shell (about 12.30 hrs)
18.30 hrs two prisoners (Arabs) taken near Green Lane.

Monday 13th to Tuesday 14th Dec 1915.
Nothing to report: (B) 2nd Lt Boot, 1 Sgt & 1 man proceeded as advance party to take over camp.

Wednesday 15 Dec 1915.
Quiet day: reported attempted attack on Battn line Green Lane by a body of 200 to 300 Turks.
Enemy retired on heavy rifle fire from Green Lane.

Thursday 16 Dec 1915.
Nothing to report during the day: (19.30 hrs) Destroyers shelled enemy’s Bench Mark and Pimple
and appeared to have caught a Turkish working party, screams being heard.

Friday 17 Dec 1915.
Nothing to report during the day: Destroyer shelled enemy’s trenches on left flank, Bench Mark and Pimple.

Saturday 18 Dec 1915.
05.30 hrs Turkish prisoner taken on Green Lane, very quiet during the day,
21.00 hrs Destroyer shelled Bench Mark and Pimple.
23.00 hrs party of 5 Officers & 491 other ranks proceeded overseas.

Sunday 19 Dec 1915.
10.00 Green Lane Shelled. 19.00 hrs evacuation of positions commenced, Lt Groves,
2nd Lt McFarlane & Bingham & 121 supports moved off via Oxford Circus to Beach.
Place Suvla: 20.00 hrs, Captain Peel and Captain Earl and M.O. (Lt Aherne)
with 102 other ranks of Headquarters and from green Lane moved off.
21.30 hrs, Major Chapman and one man joined this party at second line defence.
23.00 hrs, received orders from Brigade to proceed to Beach for embarkation.
24.00 hrs, 2nd Lt Gordon and 14 machine gunmen moved off.

Monday 20 Dec 1915.
01.30 hrs, remainder of Battn, Capt Shepherd, Turneham, Lt Briscoe, 2nd Lt Law, Bowman, Hurst & Biziou with 107 other ranks moved off. All quiet.
01.00 – 03.30 – 10.00 hrs, Disembarkation of parties at Imbros.
16.00 hrs: Hostile aeroplane over camp, driven away by anti-aircraft gun.

Tuesday 21st to Friday 24th Dec 1915.
Nothing to report.

Saturday 25 Dec 1915.
Hostile aeroplane over camp.

Sunday 26 Dec 1915.
09.45 hrs: Divisional Divine Service, Gen, Birdwood present.

Monday 27th to Friday 31st Dec 1915.
Nothing to report.

The 6th Yorkshire Regiment remained at Imbros throughout the Month of January,
Captain W. R. Peel assumed command.

Wednesday 2nd and Thursday 3rd February 1916.
The Battalion embarked in two parties for Mudros Harbour and boarded the Empress of Britain
and sailed on Saturday 5 February 1916 to Egypt,
landing at Alexandria on Monday 7 February 1916 and concentrating at Sidi Bushr six days later.

Saturday 19 February 1916.
The Division took over a section of the Suez Canal defences.

Sunday 18 June 1916.
Division received orders for a move to France


6th Yorkshire Regiment, France 1916

The medal idex card above code (2B) Balkan = meaning Gallipoli


In the spring of 1917, after the German withdrawal to the Hindenburg Line, V Corps cleared these battlefields
and made a number of new cemeteries, including Lonsdale No. 1 and No. 2.
Lonsdale Cemetery No. 1 (the present Lonsdale Cemetery) contained originally 96 graves
(now in Plot I), the great majority of which were those of officers and men of the 1st Dorset’s
and the 11th Borders. It was enlarged after the Armistice when graves, almost all of 1916,
were brought in from the surrounding battlefields and from other small burial grounds,
including Lonsdale Cemetery No. 2.

Other men of the Yorkshire Regiment, Commemoration photos.


Summary history of the division

The Division came into existence of Army Order No.324, issued on 21st August 1914, authorising the formation
of the six new Divisions of K1. It was formed of volunteers, under the care of the War Office.
Initially without equipment or arms of any kind, Moved to Belton Park near Grantham.
In April 1915 moved to Witley Camp near Godalming in Surrey. The recruits were judged to be ready by late Spring 1915, and it was ordered to reinforce the beleaguered garrison on Gallipoli.

1 July 1915 : sailed from Liverpool, landing Alexandria, and on to Mudros,
completing concentration by 28 July 1915

7 August 1915 : landed at Suvla Bay, Gallipoli

21 December 1915 : withdrew from Gallipoli, to Egypt via Imbros

26 January 1916 : The 6th Yorkshire Regiment remained at Imbros throughout the Month of January,
Captain W.R.Peel assumed command.

2nd and 3rd February 1916 The Battalion embarked in two parties for Mudros Harbour and boarded the
Empress of Britain and sailed on the 5th to Egypt, landing at Alexandria on the
7 February 1916 and concentrating at Sidi Bushr six days later.

19 February 1916 the Division took over a section of the Suez canal defences.

18 June 1916 : Division received orders for a move to France

25 June 1916 : Alexandria Docks embarked in the Arcadian

1 July 1916 : landed at Marseilles, disembarking early next morning, the 6th Yorkshire Regiment at once entrained
and proceeded by Orange, Macon, Nuits St, Favier, Montereau and Ecoivres to billets at Arras.

17 July 1916 : The Battalion marched to and took over trenches south of Agny, and remained until early September, taking no part in the Somme Battle now in Progress. But then was brought up to Senlis.

8 September 1916 : 9.10 in the morning, moved off by Companies at 7 minutes’ intervals via Bouzincourt to Brigade Reserve dug-outs at Crucifix Corner, near Authuille, next day taking over the front line trenches

14 September 1916 :  The 11th Division was detailed to carry out an attack on the enemy position, his trenches in Turk Street  being the Primary and the objective to capture the strong point of Wundt-werk (Wonderwork) the assault was to be undertaken by the 8th Duke of Wellington's Regiment and 9th West Yorkshire on the right and the left respectively, while on the left of the West Yorkshire Regiment, the 6th Yorkshire Regiment were to make a bombing attack, At 6.30pm a very heavy artillery barrage from every gun that could be brought to bear was opened upon Turk Street, and 3 minutes later the front attacking wave of “D” Company of the 6th Yorkshire Regiment left it’s assembly trench and assailed the enemy Trenches 91-69. Theses had somehow remained untouched by our artillery and the attacking force was met by heavy rifle and grenade fire, but nevertheless some of them at least reached the objective and assisted by a platoon of
the West Yorkshires which arrived as a reinforcement,
Trenches 91-69 were gained by a bombing attack about Midnight; a bombing block was then established at about
seventy yards from 91 post.
The enemy counter attacked violently with bombs at least three times during the night, but on each occasion was successfully repulsed.

15 September 1916 : The whole of the Day & Night was spent in consolidating Princess Street and Trenches 91-69.


32nd Brigade

9th Battalion, the Prince of Wales's Own (West Yorkshire Regiment) 25 Aug 1914 - 11 Nov 1918
2nd Battalion, Alexandra, Princess of Wales Own (Yorkshire Regiment) 14 May 1918 - 11 Nov 1918 (regular army)
6th Battalion, Alexandra, Princess of Wales Own (Yorkshire Regiment) 25 Aug 1914 - 18 May 1918 (Service)
8th Battalion, the Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment) 18 Jan 1915 - 13 Feb 1918, Disbanded.
6th Battalion, the York and Lancaster Regiment Aug 1914 - 11 Nov 1918
6th Battalion, East Yorkshire Regiment 27 Aug 1914 - 18 Jan 1915 Became the Pioneer Battalion
32nd Brigade, Machine Gun Company (formed March 1916, moved into 11th MG Battalion 28 February 1918)
32nd, Trench Mortar Battery (joined 17 July 1916)


The Battle of Flers-Courcelette (sixth phase of the Battle of the Somme 15-22 Sep 1916)
including the capture of Martinpuich.

The Battle of Thiepval 26-28 Sep 1916.

Operations on the Ancre

The Battle of Messines 7–14 June 1917 including the capture of Wytschaete.

The Battle of Langemarck (second phase of Third Battle of Ypres 16 - 18 Aug 1917).

Local operations around St. Julian. 19, 22, 27 Aug 1917.

The Battle of Polygon Wood (fourth phase of the Third Battle of Ypres 26 Sep-3 Oct 1917).

The Battle of Broodseinde (fifth phase of the Third Battle of Ypres 4 Oct 1917).

The Battle of Poelcapelle (sixth phase of the Third Battle of Ypres 9 Oct 1917).

The Battle of the Scarpe (first phase of the Second Battles of Arras 26 - 30 Aug 1918).

The Battle of Drocourt-Queant (second phase of the Second Battles of Arras 2 - 3 Sep 1918).

The Battle of the Canal du Nord (third phase of the Battles of the Hindenburg Line 27 Sep - 1 Oct 1918)
including the capture of Bourlon Wood.

The Battle of Cambrai 1918 (sixth phase of the Battles of the Hindenburg Line 8 - 9 Oct 1918)
including the capture of Villers Outreaux and Cambrai.

The Pursuit to the Selle 9 -12 Oct 1918.

The Battle of the Sambre 4 Nov 1918.
including the passage of the Sambre-Oise canal and the capture of Le Quesnoy.

The Passage of the Grand Honelle 5 -7 Nov 1918.

On 28 June 1919, the Division ceased to exist, having lost more than 32,100 casualties during the war.


Transcribed from the official 6th Bn Yorkshire Regiment War Diary September 1916

Friday 1 Sep 1916.
Battn. Practiced assault on trenches.

Saturday 2 Sep 1916.
Battn. Moved into billets at Etree Wamin.

Sunday 3 Sep 1916.
Battn. Moved by road to Frevent, by rail to Puchevillers, by road to Raincheval where billeted.
2/lt G. A. Richardson, 15th Battn. Joined for duty.

Monday 4 Sep 1916.
Company training. 2/lt G. Ross & 2 other Ranks proceeded on Lewis Gun Course

Tuesday & Wednesday 5 & 6 Sep 1916.
Company training.

Thursday 7 Sep 1916.
9 00am Battn. Moved via Arqheves to billets at Senlis.

Friday 8 Sep 1916.
9 10am Battn. Moved off by companies (7 minutes’ interval) via Bouzincourt to Brigade reserve
dugouts at near Crucifix Corner and near Authuille. 1 man killed & 1 wounded by shell fire on near
BLACK HORSE dugouts.

Saturday 9 Sep 1916.
Nothing to report.

Sunday 10 Sep 1916.
7 30 to 8 30am. Battn. Relieved 9th West Yorkshire Regt. in front line trenches near Authuille.
A certain number of 5.9 shells were put over by the enemy.
In the afternoon and evening enemy shelled front line and communication trenches with H.E. and 15-pound shrapnel.
Authuille Village shelled between 8 and 9 pm.

Monday 11 Sep 1916.
Enemy artillery continued to be active on whole sector. On out left from Kilman Street up to and including
Fifth Avenue front line & common were shelled in the afternoon with H.E. and shrapnel.
Thiepval Avenue was also blown in places;
Authuille was heavily shelled in the evening.

Tuesday 12 Sep 1916.
Enemy shelling continued till 6 am; then quiet. At noon our artillery bombarded enemy line.
Enemy retaliated on our front line & communication trenches and also Authuille.
This shelling continued throughout the afternoon and evening. A reconnoitring patrol went out
at 10 00pm under 2/Lt Boot.

Wednesday 13 Sep 1916.
Artillery were again very active.
At noon and again in the afternoon the enemy retaliated and shelling continued well into the night.
A patrol went out under 2/lt Boot at 12 midnight. Brigade operation order N0.18 received in the afternoon.

Thursday 14 Sep 1916.
12 noon The morning was very quiet. 32 reinforcements from base depot
A further detailed order for the proposed attack in the afternoon was received
5 30pm Companies and battn headquarters were in respective battle positions
6 30pm Artillery put barrage on Turk Street.
6 33pm First attacking wave of ‘D’ company left assembly trench 78 – 68 and assaulted enemy Trench 91 – 69.
The enemy trench has been untouched by our artillery and the Attacking force was met by heavy rifle and grenade fire.
Part of the attacking force reached the objective.
One platoon west Yorkshire Regt, was sent up to reinforce at 91. at about midnight trench 91 – 69 was gained by bombing down. A bombing Block was established at about 70 yds from 91 post.
The enemy made 3 Bombing attacks which were successfully repulsed. Casualty’s in the night operation
Lt Col, Forsyth D.S.O., & 2/lt Hurst Killed, Capt, J. K. Earl, 2/lt T.T. Shipman Wounded, & 2/lt MacFarlane wounded & Missing & 130 other Ranks casualties.

((Not in Diary) About this point in time David Elliott was missing presumed killed in action)

Friday 15 Sep 1916.
The early morning and whole of the day was spent in consolidating Princess street and trench 91 – 69.
The enemy were very quiet.
At 10.15pm the enemy launched a strong attack on trench 91 - 69 post 68, 78 & 46.
The Enemy drove out and gained possession of part of trench 91 – 69.
A counter Was delivered by us which was successful we regained the lost ground and successfully held it.
The enemy attacks at trench 68, 78 & 46 were successfully repulsed before delivering the attack the enemy heavily bombarded our position.

Note. A list of men of the 6th Yorkshire Regiment killed on the 15 Sep 1916, further down this page.

Click above to see a larger trench map

Saturday 16 Sep 1916.
The battn was relieved by 7th Duke of Wellington Reg. relief completed by 4 30am.
The battn marched to Hedauville to rest billets 20 new reinforcements from base depot.

Sunday 17 Sep 1916.
Church parade attended by G.O.C. 87 div, who complimented the troops on the successful operations on 14 & 15 Sept,

Monday 18 Sep 1916.
2 00pm Battn inspected by Corps commander & congratulated on successful operation on Sept 14 /15
2 30pm. Battn moved into camp near Bouzincourt

Tuesday 19 Sep 1916.
D.S.O.,Capt. C. H. Dawnay, Lt. J. T. Colbert & 2ND Lt, H. C. Hill joined the Battalion

Wednesday 20 Sep 1916.
20 NCOs & Men - reinforcements joined the Battalion from base depot.

Thursday 21 Sep 1916.
Moved from Bouzincourt to Mailly Maillet arriving 11 30 am.

Friday 22 Sep 1916.
Marched out at 3 00pm via Englesbelmer to Martinsart waited there till 8 30pm
then relieved 9th Sherwood Foresters in trenches north of Ovillers.

Saturday 23 Sep 1916.
During morning and afternoon enemy shelled our trenches continuously our artillery was fairly active.
Work on improving and making new communication trenches were carried out.

Sunday 24 Sep 1916.
Our artillery was very active, shelled Thiepval with 600 gas shells in the afternoon; enemy shelled our trenches heavily during the evening. Work of improvement continued.

Monday 25 Sep 1916.
There was heavy enemy shelling during the night; orders were received for operations at an early date.
In the afternoon operation orders were received that the Battalion would be relieved during the night.

Tuesday 26 Sep 1916.
Battalion relieved by the 9th Sherwood Foresters and the 7th South Staffs. Relief completed 4am.
Total casualties during this period, O.R, 4 killed 5 wounded. Draft of 30 O.R, arrived,
and 2/lt N. K. MacLean joined for duty.
Battalion marched to W B central Bouzincourt, last arriving at 6am.
Operation orders received at 3 30am.
At 12 30pm. orders received to move to Crucifix Corner, battn marched off at 1 20pm.
A & D companies occupied Ribble Street, C & B in Headquarters & Lewis gunners in dugouts south of Crucifix Corner.

Wednesday 27 Sep 1916.
11 30am orders received to move to support the 34th Brigade into Ration & Sulphur Trenches.
12 10pm. first Coy – C, Coy moved off other Coy’s followed at 5 min’s intervals.
1 30pm. orders received from Battn to attack at 3pm. Objective R21.C.5B – 55 (Stuff Redoubt) C18 – 45 – R20.d91. Battn moved to Quarry trench, C & B Coy’s to assembly trench R33 65 – R33 a 7.7.
2 55pm. C & B Coy’s advanced in Artillery formation to Zollern Trench, A, Coy moved up in support the assembly trench.
3 00pm. message received that attack postponed. C & B Coy’s were stopped in Zollern Trench.
4 6pm. C & B Coy’s assaulted & took trench 91–45 afterwards gaining with the West Yorkshires 45–18.
West Yorkshires attacked on our right but failed to gain objective.
A, Coy moved to Zollern Trench & D, Coy to assembly trench.

9 15pm. Disposition – B, Coy d91 - c34
C, Coy c84 – c45
Part of C & West Yorks c45 – c18
2 Platoons of A, with C, Coy
2 “ “ in Zollern Trench.
11 20pm. D, Coy moves up to Zollern & 1 Platoon A, to 91 – 45.

Thursday 28 Sep 1916.
Casualties amongst Officers
2/lt A. H. B. Shipley killed, 2/lt A. O. Vick, 2/lt C. E. Sowery & Capt W. Hutchence wounded,
2/lt W. A. Boot & 2/lt G. A. Richardson missing.
((Not in Diary) on this day private James Cave 3/8592 of the 6th Yorkshire Regt, Died of his wounds).
12 30am. Report received that we had twice got to 87 but could not hold it owing to heavy shell & machine gun fire.
At dawn attack made on 98 but failed.
5 00am. 1 Coy 8th West Riding Regt sent to Zollern and D, Coy to Stuff Redoubt.
Orders received that attack would be made at 6 00pm, task allotted to troops in Stuff Redoubt was to bomb round the enemy flanks, attack was postponed but message did not get to Stuff Redoubt troops,
they attacked at 7 42pm and gained 38 & 87 but could not hold it owing to lack of ammunition and bombs.
9 28pm. Message received that Germans would possibly make a strong attack, this did not come off.

Friday 29 Sep 1916.
Orders received that an attack would be made on (a) R81 C 97 - 99, (b) 21C 18 - 98 - 56 – 87, -?- troops in Stuff Redoubt were to assault northern face of Stuff Redoubt, the assault was carried out and positions captured, these could not be held owing to no bombs or ammunition being sent up.

Saturday 30 Sep 1916.
Orders were received that an attack would be made, object being to occupy whole of Hessian Trench from 21d 99 – C55 this was to be carried out by three bombing parties first party to 97, second from 13 to 97, the third found from garrison of Stuff Redoubt to bomb from 55 - 97. This was successfully carried out and captured ground was consolidated.
Orders received that Battn would be relieved by 10th Cheshire Regt,.

(writer, initialled WRP)

Total Casualties
Officers - 4 Killed – Capt, N.P. Shepherd - Turneham, 2/lt A.H.B. Shipley, 2/lt H.C. Hurst, 2/lt G.F. Stout.
Officers - 3 Missing – 2/lt W.A. Boot, 2/lt G.A. Richardson, 2/lt F.A. Rushworth.
Officers - 8 Wounded – Capt, W. Hutchence, 2/lt A.O. Vick, 2/lt C. E. Sowery, 2/lt G.B. Andrews, 2/lt N.K. MacLean, lt J.T. Colbert, 2/lt L.A. Gross, Major W.B. Shannon.
Other Ranks - 381.
This month was signed off by – C.R. White. Major, commanding 6th Yorkshire Regt.


Casualties not noted in the war diary for 15 September 1916 - 6th Yorkshire Regiment


John Bartrom, Pte 18773 age 23 - Thiepval Memorial, Pier & Face 3A & 3D

Robert Brailsford Craven, Sgt 18554 age 30 - Lonsdale Cemetery, Authuille Sp. Mem. A.9.
Headstone photo also on this site in Memorials.

Alexander Dunning, L/Cpl 3/7789 age 21 - Thiepval Memorial, Pier & Face 3A & 3D

Fredrick Ebdy, Pte 18831 age 31 - Lonsdale Cemetery, Authuille VI. M. 5.
Headstone photo also on this site in Memorials.

David Elliott, Pte 17255 age 19 - Lonsdale Cemetery, Authuille III. U. 1.
Headstone photo also on this site in Memorials.

William Elliott, Pte 18482 - Lonsdale Cemetery, Authuille IV. N. 10
Headstone photo also on this site in Memorials.

Albert Edward Farrance, Sgt 9603 - Thiepval Memorial, Pier & Face 3A & 3D

Ernest Judson, Pte 19387 age 20 - Thiepval Memorial, Pier & Face 3A & 3D

Andrew McGregor, Pte 15666 age 32 - Lonsdale Cemetery, Authuille VI. M. 6.
Headstone photo also on this site in Memorials.

Thomas Ogden, Pte 16113 - Thiepval Memorial, Pier & Face 3A & 3D

Ralph Richardson, Pte 18330 - Lonsdale Cemetery, Authuille VI. M. 7.
Headstone photo also on this site in Memorials.

John Sayer, Pte 33270 age 23 - Blighty Valley Cemetery, Authuille Wood. SP I. F. 10.
Headstone photo also on this site in Memorials.

Robert Hall Storey, Pte 18240 - Blighty Valley Cemetery, Authuille Wood. SP I. F. 9.
Headstone photo also on this site in Memorials.

John Waggitt, Cpl 18338 age 27 - Thiepval Memorial, Pier & Face 3A & 3D

James Wilson, Pte 16998 - Blighty Valley Cemetery, Authuille Wood. SP I. F. 9.
Headstone photo also on this site in Memorials.

(Link to Yorkshire Regiment Names Lonsdale Cemetery)

(Link to Yorkshire Regiment Names Blighty Valley Cemetery)



8th Battalion Duke of wellington’s Regiment war diary 12th to 18th September 1916. Map ref 57D.W.3a

Tuesday 12 Sep 1916
Battalion in Brigade Reserve, Battalion training.

Wednesday 13 Sep 1916
Battalion in Brigade Reserve, Battalion practicing the Attack.

Thursday 14 Sep 1916
Battalion in Brigade Reserve, Battalion practicing the Attack.
8am Battalion moved off, relieved the 6th York & Lancaster Rgt.
Map ref 57 D,SE.R.31.B52
6.30pm ‘X’ + “Z” coys made an Attack on enemy trenches, objective R31 D98 (Wunder Werk) and R31 B33 (Hohenzollern Trench, “W” Coy in support of “Y” Coy in Battalion Reserve
6.40pm objective reached, attacking companies advanced 40 yards beyond and dug themselves in, communication trench to new position dug immediately.

Friday 15 Sep 1916
Battalion holding newly captured positions, counter attack repulsed with heavy losses to the enemy.
The attack a complete success.
Our losses, killed & wounded, 8 Offices 250 O.R.
4pm Battalion relieved by 6th (Territorial) bn West riding Regt. Battn marched out.

Saturday 16 Sep 1916
1 am Battalion arrived map ref 57D.P34 anc

Sunday 17 Sep 1916
Battalion cleaning up.

Monday 18 Sep 1916
Battalion moved off.

9th Battalion West Yorkshire Regiment, war diary 12th to 18th September 1916.

Tuesday 12 Sep 1916
Battalion reinforced by 26 O.R. from 33rd J.B.D. ETAPLES.

Wednesday 13 Sep 1916
Battalion reinforced by 24 O.R. from 33rd J.B.D. ETAPLES.

Thursday 14 Sep 1916
“Authuille” (Crucifix Corner)
On the morning of the 14th the Battalion relieved the 6th York & Lancaster Regt in the front live trenches the latter moving into Brigade reserve.
The Battalion was dispersed as follows for impending attack: - “C” & “D” Coy’s were in the Hindenburg trench “C” Coy on the left, “D” Coy on the right the frontage being from R 31c 76 to 31d 07, 200 yds these two Company’s had for their objective firstly TURK ST. and then “WUNDER WERK” which were to be taken in conjunction with the 8th Duke of Wellington’s who were acting with us on our right flank.
The 6th Yorkshire Regt who were on left were having a bombing demonstration with one Coy on that flank.
“C” & “D” Coy’s were to attack in four waves were to push on to the final objective dropping “Caretakers” in TURK ST. the fourth wave was the cleaning up party.
Two Platoons of “B” Coy were to clean PRINCE ST. chiefly by bombing & protect “C” Coy’s flank, the remaining two Platoons were in support to “C” & “D” Coy’s.
“A” Coy was in Battalion reserve in LEMBURG TRENCH.
The Coy’s were moved into the trenches satisfactorily though desultory shelling. LIEUT C.B. ROBINSON being killed. Difficulty was experiences in issuing the various stores to the assembling troops owing to the crowded trenches & the distance of the dumps from the front line.
The intense bombardment was timed for 6-30pm. 3 minutes being devoted to TURK ST. when it lifted to WUNDER WERK. The first lines were timed to leave the trenches 6-28pm.
At 6-28 pm. Our first line left HINDENBURG trench & were greeted by spasmodic firing from TURK ST. very lights of greenish colour were also sent up from that trench.
An enemy M.G. had just began to bark when our bombardment opened on TURK ST. The M.G. was heard no more. Our men stood and watched the bombardment & on its lifting were into the trenches. Doubtless we lost men from our own shells owing to the closeness of the bombardment to which they advanced, but we certainly did not suffer from rifle or M.G. fire.
The GERMAN had by now put in his barrage which was very effective & caused practically all our casualties, his shooting was good & he was very quick in getting it in.
“WUNDER WERK” fell with as complete a success as TURK ST. and the men immediately started to consolidate.
CAPT O.V.GUY & 2/LT N.T. HARTLEY were the only Officers to reach the final objective & then not unscathed. CAPT, GUY was hit by shrapnel in 3 places & 2/LT. N.T. HARTLEY was wounded in the arm.
8th Duke of Wellingtons on our right had been equally successful & during the night the Captured positions were consolidated.
The 32nd Bde M.G. Coy got up their guns very quickly.
The 6th Yorkshire Regt met with strong opposition and did not gain much ground, LT. COL. FORSYTH, D.S.O. was killed.

Friday 15 Sep 1916
Fairly quiet at night Battalion was relieved by the 7th Duke of Wellingtons, 49th Div;
The relief was made difficult by fairly heavy shelling of our C.T’s and a bombing raid by the enemy against the 6th Yorkshires on our left flank.
The relief was completed finally by 3-30 and the Battalion slept for the night in the dug-outs at CRUCIFIX CORNER.
Our casualties were heavy & as Follows: -
Battalion went into action, Strength: - 20 Officers 780 other ranks.
Casualties, Killed: LIET. C.B. ROBINSON, 2/LT. J.J. FYFFE, 2/LT. B.H. TOWNSLEY, 2/LT. C.W.J. Davison,
Wounded: - CAPT. O.V. Guy, CAPT. R.E.M. CHERRY, 2/NT. N.T. HARTLEY, 2/LT. E.J. WOODS.
Killed: -  33 N.C.O.s & men.
Missing: - 33 N.C.O.s & men.
Wounded: - 240 N.C.O.s & men
The following Officers, N.C.O.s & men were specially mentioned for splendid work done during the action: - CAPT. O.V. Guy, 2/LT. F.H.W. CARNELL, 2/LT. H.A. BOWKER, CAPT. W.B. SURTEES, 2/NT. N.T. HARTLEY.
N0 20106 R.S. Major Piper, H.S, N0. 9540 C.S. Major Padgett H, N0. 15882 Sgt Jackson G, N0 9248 L/Sgt Hawkes J, N0 17308 Cpl H.W. Irwin, N0 18537 L/C Marsh W.J, N0 7617 Pte Swift C, N0 9327 Pte Fletcher J.W, N0 8204 Pte Waters W.

Saturday 16 Sep 1916
Battalion moved into billets at HEDAUVILLE, draft of 8 O.R’s joined.

Sunday 17 Sep 1916
Nothing of importance.

Monday 18 Sep 1916
LIEUT, F.H. TOUNSEND proceeded to School of Instruction.
Battalion marched to BOUZINCOURT & went into billets.




Private, John S Flannigan (aged 21)
He died on 25 Sep 1915 in Ypres, Belgium. 11714, 2nd Bn., Durham Light Infantry
Commemorated: West-Vlaanderen, Potijze Burial Ground Cemetery, plot: CI. 16.
Son of (Owen) John and Sarah Flannigan

Private Joseph Fitzgerald (aged 19)
He died on 26 Sep 1915 in Loos France.  20396, 13th Bn., Northumberland Fusiliers.
Commemorated: Loos Memorial, Panel 20 to 22.
Son of Richard and Jane Fitzgerald, of 24, Bolckow St., Shildon, Co. Durham.

Private, Gilbert Hodgson Robson (aged 22)
He died on 25 Sep 1915 in Ypres, Belgium. 4/9978, 2nd Bn., Durham Light Infantry
Commemorated: West-Vlaanderen, Potijze Burial Ground Cemetery, plot: CI. 14.
Son of Gilbert and Amy Robson, of Witton Gilbert, Durham.

Ernest Pallister (aged 34)
Sgt RFA killed in action France 21 Nov 1917.
Son of John and Fanny Pallister (Imperial War Museums record) Not found on the C.W.G.C.

Private, Robert William Harley (aged 28)
He died on 18 Jul 1916 in France. Northumberland Fusiliers 20834, "C" Coy. 13th Bn.
Commemorated: Thiepval Memorial Pier and Face 10 B 11 B and 12 B.
Son of Matthew and Hannah Harley, of East Hetton Colliery, Coxhoe, Co. Durham.


Another member of of my Family that served with this regiment in the second World War

Gordon B Henderson

Son of Elizabeth Jane Henderson (Nee, Elliott), of Elswick, Newcastle Upon Tyne

(Note for, Elizabeth Jane, Older Sister of David Elliott above)


Branch at Death : Royal Armoured Corps.

Regiment,Corps etc, : 4th/7th Royal Dragoon Guards RAC

Branch at 1/9/1939 : Infantry

Regiment,Corps etc, : The Green Howards (Alexandra, Princess of Wales' own Yorkshire Regiment)

Rank : Trooper

Service No : 4388592

Date of Death :18 April 1945 age 26

Burial : Becklingen War Cemetery Soltau Niedersachsen, Germany Plot: 3. J. 6.

On D-Day, the specially prepared waterproofed tanks of the 4th/7th Royal Dragoon Guards (DD Tanks)
were the first tanks ashore.
Under the 8th Armoured Brigade, the regiment landed on King Green, Gold Beach, at 0720 on 6th June 1944
as part of the Operation Overlord landings, supporting the 50th (Northumbrian) Infantry Division.
The regiment later participated in the battle for the Falaise pocket, and as part of the armoured forces in Operation Market Garden - the regiment pushing as far as Driel, on the south bank of the Rhine a couple of miles from Arnhem.
Among other notable achievements, it was the first armour to cross the River Seine and led the rescue column to Arnhem.
The regiment ended the war in Bremerhaven.

6 June 1944 war diary

The RAC was created on 4 April 1939, just before World War II started, by combining the cavalry wing (cavalry units that had mechanised), and the Royal Tank Corps (which was thereupon renamed the Royal Tank Regiment within the new corps). As the war went on, many other units became mechanised and joined this corps. In 1944, the RAC absorbed the Reconnaissance Corps.

Above Headstone just after the war
Becklingen today

Headstone today




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